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The Egg Bowl - Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss, Second Edition

The Egg Bowl

Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss, Second Edition

By William G. Barner
With Danny McKenzie
Paperback : 9781604738322, 416 pages, 150 b&w illustrations,, August 2010

The updated saga of the state's monster football rivalry


From the contentious delay of the first clash in 1901 to the battle in 2009, The Egg Bowl covers the Ole Miss–Mississippi State rivalry in depth. For each game the narrative includes every scoring drive, every player who crossed the goal line, and every final score. More than 150 photos illustrate the intensity of action on the field and capture the players and exploits faithful fans will always remember.

This updated edition features full accounts of the games in 2007, 2008, and 2009, including new photos and statistics. For the booster who demands to know every statistic, The Egg Bowl creates the ultimate reference. Which player has scored the most touchdowns? Who rushed for the longest run or threw the longest touchdown pass? How many kickoffs have been returned for touchdowns? Why is November 30 of consequence? Which two men have coached at both schools? And surprisingly, which three players have lettered at Mississippi State and Ole Miss?

The intensity of the rivalry cannot be understated. Student leaders created the treasured Golden Egg, trophy of the yearly contest, to quell frequent fisticuffs in the stands. While intended to cool the fervor, the Egg has been controversially remodeled, refurbished, and even kidnapped. The story continually simmers. This ideal gift for the football fanatic will only stoke those passions.