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Reading Faulkner - The Unvanquished

Reading Faulkner

The Unvanquished

By James Hinkle & Robert McCoy
Series: Reading Faulkner Series

Paperback : 9781617030758, 246 pages, January 2011

A glossary that will lead readers through the complexities of this book of interrelated stories by William Faulkner


A glossary that will lead readers through the complexities of one of William Faulkner's most fascinating books. For some The Unvanquished has proven to be the starting point for reading Faulkner. Its narrative, composed of a series of interrelated stories set against the backdrop of the Civil War, is more linear and less convoluted than many of his novels. Enjoyable as this work focused upon the Sartoris family may be in its presentation of plots and characters, some readers encountering the world of Faulkner's South nevertheless can be daunted by unfamiliar terms, dialect, and allusions to the folklife of Faulkner country. They can be guided to a deeper reading pleasure by consulting this handbook explaining Faulkner's resources. Written especially for teachers of Faulkner, graduate students, interpretive schools, and puzzled readers, this volume, like all others in the Reading Faulkner Series, offers explications that reveal Faulkner's rich cultural world.