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Louisiana Poets - A Literary Guide

Louisiana Poets

A Literary Guide

By Catharine Savage Brosman & Olivia McNeely Pass
Hardcover : 9781496822123, 272 pages, April 2019

An inspiring survey and assessment of forty poets from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries


Louisiana has long been recognized for its production of talented writers, and its poets in particular have shined. From the early poetry of the state to the work crafted in the present day, Louisiana has nurtured and exported a rich and diverse poetic tradition. In Louisiana Poets: A Literary Guide authors Catharine Savage Brosman and Olivia McNeely Pass assess the achievements of Louisiana poets from the past hundred years who, Brosman and Pass assert, deserve both public notice and careful critical examination.

Louisiana Poets presents the careers and works of writers whose verse is closely connected to the peoples, history, and landscapes of Louisiana or whose upbringing or artistic development occurred in the state. Brosman and Pass chose poets based on the scope, abundance, and excellence of their work; their critical reception; and the local and national standing of the writer and work. The book treats a wide range of forty poets—from national bestsellers to local celebrities—detailing their histories and output.

Intended to be of broad interest and easy to consult, Louisiana Poets showcases the corpus of Louisiana poetry alongside its current profile. Brosman and Pass have created a guide that provides a way for readers to discover, savor, and celebrate poets who have been inspired in and by the Pelican State.


"Teachers of poetry will certainly want to include in their libraries. . . . Others who wish to broaden their knowledge of poetry, particularly Louisiana poetry, will find it a guide to further exploration of the works of those authors honored by inclusion in this important book. "

- Barbara Barnes Sims, The Advocate

"Tinged throughout with the eloquent style and rich sensibilities of scholarship from eras past, to be sure, Louisiana Poets is not light reading, but well worth following its many interesting paths. "

- Claude Wilkinson, Arkansas Review 51.1 (April 2020)

"Not just a reference book or rehash, this stimulating guide is a loving and nuanced appreciation of some of Louisiana’s very best poets that will inspire readers to delve deeply into the state’s literary treasure. Readers will be amazed at the depth and breadth of the coverage as well as the refreshing discussion they present in such a condensed format. "

- John W. Ferstel, Flora Levy Professor of English at University of Louisiana at Lafayette