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In Transition - Young Adult Literature and Transgender Representation

In Transition

Young Adult Literature and Transgender Representation

By Emily Corbett
Series: Children's Literature Association Series

Hardcover : 9781496852601, 224 pages, 2 tables, May 2024
Paperback : 9781496852618, 224 pages, 2 tables, May 2024

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Transgender Problem: A New Subcategory of Young Adult Fiction
Chapter 2: The Peritextual Materials of Transgender Young Adult Fiction
Chapter 3: Can Transgender Representation Get More Fantastic? Speculative Young Adult Fiction
Chapter 4: There’s No Place like Home: Parent-Adolescent Relationships in Transgender Young Adult Fiction
Chapter 5: Transgender Memoirs for Young Adult Readers

How the young adult book market has shifted in favor of transgender inclusivity


The first book-length work of its kind, In Transition: Young Adult Literature and Transgender Representation examines the shift in the young adult book market towards increased representation of transgender characters and authors. Through a comprehensive exploration of historical conventions, genres, character diversity, and ideologies of trans representation, Emily Corbett traces the roots of trans literature from its beginnings in a cisgender-dominated publishing world to the recent rise in trans creators, characters, and implied readers. Corbett describes how trans-ness was initially perceived as an issue to be overcome by cisgender authors and highlights the ways in which the market has changed.

Through careful analysis of texts that have until now received little scholarly attention, Corbett weaves together different theoretical approaches and fields of study to provide a map of the textual and cultural histories of this twenty-first-century publishing phenomenon. Focusing on trans authorship, authentic storytelling, and intersectional diversity, this book charts changing public attitudes, the YA book market, and the unique sociocultural moment in which these books are published. In Transition contributes new perspectives on the intersections of adolescence and trans-ness and sheds light on a dynamic subset of YA literature that has yet to receive sustained analysis.


"Corbett’s encyclopedic knowledge of trans YA literature buoys her close readings of C.B. Lee’s Not Your Villain (2017), Akwaeke Emezi’s Pet (2019), and other works, providing an incisive overview of trends in trans representation over the past twenty years. This perceptive inquiry enthralls."

- Publishers Weekly

"Emily Corbett unravels a vast archive of contemporary trans YA literature published in the UK and the US. The myriad theoretical approaches and impeccable close readings are sure to delight readers."

- Libe García Zarranz, author of TransCanadian Feminist Fictions: New Cross-Border Ethics