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Errol Morris - Interviews

Errol Morris


Edited by Livia Bloom
Series: Conversations with Filmmakers Series

Paperback : 9781604733730, 286 pages, December 2009
Hardcover : 9781604733723, 224 pages, February 2010

Interviews with the creator of The Thin Blue Line; Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control; The Fog of War; and Standard Operating Procedure


Errol Morris: Interviews is an irreverent and humorous collection of conversations with the acclaimed documentary filmmaker. Morris (b. 1948) has created some of America's most innovative, lasting cinematic works. Generations of filmmakers, scholars, cinephiles, and film fans turn again and again to such works as The Thin Blue Line; Fast, Cheap and Out of Control; Academy Award-winner The Fog of War; and Standard Operating Procedure.

Throughout his career--which has included stints as a private eye, film programmer, and commercial director--Morris has honed a unique formal and technical cinematic approach. A Morris film is characterized by intense personal interviews; dramatic re-creations; a haunting, modernist musical atmosphere; and a keen sense of complexity, irony, and black humor. With each new film, Morris challenges and redefines what a documentary can be. This volume features startling interviews from throughout his career, as well as intimate, never-before-published discussions.