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More than ever, we see the urgent need for accessible introductory resources on comics for librarians, teachers, and K-12 and college students. Books in the Biographix series will prove essential for those studying, teaching, and curating comics—as well as comics fans and general readers. Through a biographical lens, books in this series will be short and accessibly priced and bring reader-friendly scholarly insight to comics creators and their works, summarizing, explaining, contextualizing, assessing, and providing critical insight to key figures in comics. They will not only attend to social, political, and historical contexts but also the particular comics storytelling devices used to give unique expression to themes, events, and characters. Authors of these books will situate the work of their subject within the creator’s larger body of work and within the history of comics, highlighting each creator’s importance in comics history and their wider influence on popular culture; and they’ll bring an engaged perspective to their analysis, drawing on a variety of disciplines, including comics studies, medical humanities, environmental studies, disability studies, critical race studies, and gender and sexuality studies.

For more information about the series or submitting a proposal contact: Frederick Luis Aldama or associate editor Lisa McMurtray.


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