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Terra Incognita

By Richard Sexton
Foreword by J. Richard Gruber
Introduction by John Lawrence
Afterword by Randy Harelson
Categories: Louisiana

Until the calamity of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and recent catastrophic hurricanes, the American Gulf Coast-a dynamic region of marshes, swamps, bayous, beaches, and hardwood ...

Richard Sexton

Richard Sexton is a noted commercial and fine art photographer whose work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Terra Incognita is his eighth photographic title. Sexton's work is included in the ...

The Music of the Netherlands Antilles

The Music of the Netherlands Antilles: Why Eleven Antilleans Knelt before Chopin's Heart is not your usual musical scholarship. In October 1999, eleven Antilleans attended the service held to commemorate ...