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Southern Studies

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Coming Home! Self-Taught Artists, the Bible, and the American South

Edited by Carol Crown
Foreword by Mary C. Ingersoll
Categories: Art And Architecture

In the works of many famous self-taught artists, such as Howard Finster and Sister Gertrude Morgan, Biblical themes and imagery abound. How has the Bible inspired these southern creators?

Examining 125 ...

Elvis and Gladys

Who on the planet doesn't know that Elvis Presley gave electrifying performances and enthralled millions? Who doesn't know that he was the King of Rock 'n' Roll? But who knows that the King himself lived ...

Florida's Miracle Strip

By Tim Hollis
Categories: Southern Studies

Since World War II, tourists have flocked to Florida's northwest Gulf Coast and sun and fun spots at Panama City Beach, Fort Walton Beach, and Pensacola Beach. Every year those visitors number in the ...

In the Southern Wild

By Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr.
Photographs by Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr.
Foreword by Rick Bass
Categories: Photography

Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr. , a patient observer of wildlife in its habitat, has a rare gift of stillness. It lets him capture the image of a mallard bobbing on water, of a wood stork kneeing through the shallows, ...

Steamboats and the Cotton Economy

By Harry P. Owens
Categories: History

This first book to make a detailed exploration of the system of riverboat traffic of the Delta region, Steamboats and the Cotton Economy is also the first balanced study showing how steamboats in the early ...

Tracing Your Alabama Past

Searching for your Alabama ancestors? Looking for historical facts? Dates? Events? This book will lead you to the places where you'll find answers.

Here are hundreds of direct sources--governmental, archival, ...

Haunted Places in the American South

By Alan Brown
Categories: Southern Studies

Before Alan Brown wrote Haunted Places in the American South, only the locals knew what was lurking in these locations. Slamming doors, eerie lights, and Confederate soldiers' ghosts kept some folks too ...

My Mississippi

By Willie Morris
Photographs by David Rae Morris
Categories: Mississippi

Few writers have ever approached their native terrains with such an inclusive and compassionate understanding as Willie Morris. This book, his last, circles back home where he started. To love it and ...

A Serigamy of Stories

In this memoir, a child's recollections of her family and warm home life are lovingly preserved in a front-porch ambience. Windham, who frequently participates in oral storytelling sessions around the ...

Cajun and Creole Music Makers

The virtual renaissance of all things Cajun and Creole has captivated enthusiasts throughout America and invigorated the culture back home. Who, just fifteen years ago, could have predicted that this ...