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On Island Time

Tourists visit popular islands of the Caribbean by the planeload. What they don't see from their resort hotels are the hundreds of out-of-the-way, uninhabited islands sprinkled along the West Indies from ...

Horn of Plenty

By April Newlin
Photographs by Donald M. Bradburn
Categories: Mississippi

Several miles off the Mississippi coast, Horn Island rises out of the sea. A wilderness of slash pine, sea oats, and osprey, the barrier island stirs the imagination, nourishes the spirit, and challenges ...

Hurricane Camille

Nominated Best Nonfiction Book for 2004
—Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters

On August 17, 1969, Hurricane Camille roared out of the Gulf of Mexico and smashed into Mississippi's twenty-six miles ...

In the Southern Wild

By Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr.
Photographs by Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr.
Foreword by Rick Bass
Categories: Photography

Joe Mac Hudspeth Jr. , a patient observer of wildlife in its habitat, has a rare gift of stillness. It lets him capture the image of a mallard bobbing on water, of a wood stork kneeing through the shallows, ...

Canoeing Louisiana

By Ernest Herndon
Categories: Louisiana


From Bayou Bartholomew in the north to the Atchafalaya Swamp in the south, from the Sabine River in the west to the Pearl River in the east, Louisiana abounds with water to explore. Canoeing Louisiana ...

Tough-as-Nails Flowers for the South

Do you want your garden to have four seasons of bright, colorful flowers? Do you know which plants will perform best?

In Tough-as-Nails Flowers for the South the award-winning horticulturist Norman Winter ...

Preserving the Pascagoula

Preserving the Pascagoula re-creates one of the more exciting sagas in the history of wilderness preservation—the ultimately successful fight to protect the vast, magnificent, little-known Pascagoula ...


Photographs by Lucian Niemeyer
Text by George W. Folkerts
Categories: Photography

Whenever human or animal feet stepped upon the floating land of Okefenokee, it trembled. This phenomenon gave the swamp its Native American name, Okefenokee, "trembling earth. "

Okefenokee's beginnings ...

Inland Fishes of Mississippi

By Stephen T. Ross
Categories: Mississippi

Where was the largest bass caught in Mississippi? What streams are sometimes home to the gulf sturgeon? How can an angler tell a grass pickerel from a walleye?

In Inland Fishes of Mississippi, Stephen ...

Saving Louisiana? The Battle for Coastal Wetlands

By Bill Streever
Categories: Louisiana

Salt water is inundating coastal Louisiana, transforming precious wetlands into backwaters of the Gulf of Mexico. Science may hold the key to reversing the problem. But what will the cost be? And will ...