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The Lakes of Pontchartrain

By Robert W. Hastings
Categories: Louisiana

A vital and volatile part of the New Orleans landscape and lifestyle, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin actually contains three major bodies of water—Lakes Borgne, Pontchartrain, and Maurepas. These make ...

Perilous Place, Powerful Storms

By Craig E. Colten
Categories: Louisiana

The hurricane protection systems that failed New Orleans when Katrina roared on shore in 2005 were the product of four decades of engineering hubris, excruciating delays, and social conflict. In Perilous ...

Fish and Wildlife Management

Edited by Adam T. Rohnke & James L. Cummins
Categories: Mississippi

Featuring over five hundred illustrations and forty tables, this book is a collection of in-depth discussions by a tremendous range of experts on topics related to wildlife and fisheries management in ...

Hydrocarbon Hucksters

Hydrocarbon Hucksters is the saga of the oil industry's takeover of Louisiana—its leaders, its laws, its environment, and, by rechanneling the flow of public information, its voters. It is a chronicle ...

Losing Ground

By David M. Burley
Foreword by Sara Crosby
Afterword by T. Mayheart Dardar
Categories: Louisiana

What is it like to lose your front porch to the ocean? To watch saltwater destroy your favorite fishing holes? To see playgrounds and churches subside and succumb to brackish and rising water? The residents ...

Mississippi Weather and Climate

From Hurricane Katrina to the Mississippi River floods of 1927 and 2011, and from a high temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit to a low of -19, Mississippi has seen its share of weather extremes. In fact, ...

Wilder Ways

In Wilder Ways, Donald C. Jackson takes readers on a journey into the deep and very personal connections that can develop between people and wild places while hunting, fishing, and rambling across landscapes. ...

Hurricane Katrina

This book presents the fullest account yet written of the impact of Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Rooted in a wealth of oral histories, it tells the dramatic but underreported story ...

A Guide to Moist-Soil Wetland Plants of the Mississippi Alluvial Valley

Moist-soil wetlands are seasonally flooded areas that produce early-succession plant communities of grasses, sedges, and other herbaceous plants. Moist-soil wetland plants provide food and cover for a ...

One Writer’s Garden

By Susan Haltom & Jane Roy Brown
Photographs by Langdon Clay
Categories: Literature

By the time she reached her late twenties, Eudora Welty (1909–2001) was launching a distinguished literary career. She was also becoming a capable gardener under the tutelage of her mother, Chestina ...