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Preserving the Pascagoula

Preserving the Pascagoula re-creates one of the more exciting sagas in the history of wilderness preservation—the ultimately successful fight to protect the vast, magnificent, little-known Pascagoula ...

Fishing Mississippi

By Tony Kinton
Foreword by Bill Dance
Categories: Mississippi

Fishing Mississippi pilots the angler to the perfect fishing hole and details the knots, bait, lures, and techniques required to land a lunker.

From its northern boundary to the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi ...

Inland Fishes of Mississippi

By Stephen T. Ross
Categories: Mississippi

Where was the largest bass caught in Mississippi? What streams are sometimes home to the gulf sturgeon? How can an angler tell a grass pickerel from a walleye?

In Inland Fishes of Mississippi, Stephen ...

Christmas Stories from Mississippi

Edited by Judy H. Tucker & Charline R. McCord
Illustrated by Wyatt Waters
Categories: Literature

How do you create Christmas spirit when the temperature refuses to dip below fifty degrees or when snow is a miracle that vanishes at sunrise?

Held together by bonds of family, soil, and history, Mississippians ...

Mississippi Liberal

By Dennis J. Mitchell
Categories: History

Instead of turning toward hatred after his father was murdered by a black man in 1926, Frank E. Smith (1918-1997) committed himself to help his racist state move toward integration and racial harmony. ...

Canoeing Mississippi

By Ernest Herndon
Categories: Mississippi

Offering lively currents, big woods, abundant wildlife, and plenty of solitude, the great number and variety of Mississippi's waterways debunk the stereotype of muddy, stagnant sloughs harboring clouds ...

Mississippi Forests and Forestry

By James E. Fickle
Categories: Mississippi

From prehistory to the present, people have harvested Mississippi's trees, cultivated and altered the woodlands, and hunted forest wildlife. Native Americans, the first foresters, periodically burned ...

My Mississippi

By Willie Morris
Photographs by David Rae Morris
Categories: Mississippi

Few writers have ever approached their native terrains with such an inclusive and compassionate understanding as Willie Morris. This book, his last, circles back home where he started. To love it and ...

Wildflowers of the Natchez Trace

In spring, summer, and fall the Natchez Trace teems with colorful wildflowers. This handbook for travelers and for nature lovers selects and describes one hundred of the most common that flourish along ...

Birds of Mississippi

Describing 395 species and including illustrations, maps, and charts, Birds of Mississippi will delight the avid birder and deeply inform the casual bird watcher. Compiled by two long-time employees of ...