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Civil Rights

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African American Preachers and Politics

During most of the twentieth century, Archibald J. Carey, Sr. (1868–1931) and Archibald J. Carey, Jr. (1908–1981), father and son, exemplified a blend of ministry and politics that many African American ...

Women and the Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1965

Edited by Davis W. Houck & David E. Dixon
Categories: History

Historians have long agreed that women—black and white—were instrumental in shaping the civil rights movement. Until recently, though, such claims have not been supported by easily accessed texts ...

Seventh-day Adventists and the Civil Rights Movement

Seventh-day Adventists and the Civil Rights Movement is the first in-depth study of the denomination's participation in civil rights politics. It considers the extent to which the denomination's theology ...

And One Was a Priest

The story of the civil rights movement is not simply the history of its major players but is also the stories of a host of lesser-known individuals whose actions were essential to the movement's successes. ...

Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press

Employing never-before-used historical materials, the authors of Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press reveal how Mississippi journalists both expressed and shaped public opinion in the aftermath of the ...

Freedom Walk

By Mary Stanton
Categories: History

In 1963, the streams of religious revival, racial strife, and cold-war politics were feeding the swelling river of social unrest in America. Marshaling massive forces, civil rights leaders were primed ...

Romance and Rights

By Alex Lubin
Categories: History

Romance and Rights: The Politics of Interracial Intimacy, 1945-1954 studies the meaning of interracial romance, love, and sex in the ten years after World War II. How was interracial romance treated in ...

The Hardest Deal of All

By Charles C. Bolton
Categories: History

Race has shaped public education in the Magnolia State, from Reconstruction through the Carter Administration. For The Hardest Deal of All: The Battle Over School Integration in Mississippi, 1870-1980 ...

Inherit the Land

By Gene Stowe
Illustrated by Carl A. Sergio
Categories: History

In the early twentieth century, two wealthy white sisters, cousins to a North Carolina governor, wrote identical wills that left their substantial homeplace to a black man and his daughter.

Maggie Ross, ...

Beaches, Blood, and Ballots

This book, the first to focus on the integration of the Gulf Coast, is Dr. Gilbert R. Mason's eyewitness account of harrowing episodes that occurred there during the civil rights movement. Newly opened ...