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Unsung Valor

Winner of the 2001 Forrest C. Pogue Prize from the Eisenhower Center for American Studies

When drafted into the army in 1943, A. Cleveland Harrison was a reluctant eighteen-year-old Arkansas student sure ...

On William Faulkner

By Eudora Welty
Afterword by Noel Polk
Categories: Literature

Eudora Welty (1909–2001) and William Faulkner (1897–1962) were almost unquestionably Mississippi's leading literary lions during the twentieth century. Their influence on American literature is immeasurable. ...

Robert G. Clark's Journey to the House

By Will D. Campbell
Categories: History

This biographical profile written by one of the South's most notable authors traces the life of Robert George Clark (b. 1928) from his Jim Crow boyhood in Ebenezer, Mississippi, through his notable career ...

Interviews with George F. Kennan

Edited by T. Christopher Jespersen
Categories: History

George F. Kennan (b. 1904), is best known for his writings, pronouncements, and philosophical ex-changes, especially over the past fifty years when he became, in effect, the nation's premier diplomatic ...

On William Hollingsworth, Jr.

By Eudora Welty
Categories: Literature

William Hollingsworth, Jr. , and Eudora Welty were Mississippi contemporaries who began their careers in the arts almost simultaneously. Just as the Great Depression struck the nation, both were finishing ...

Mississippi Liberal

By Dennis J. Mitchell
Categories: History

Instead of turning toward hatred after his father was murdered by a black man in 1926, Frank E. Smith (1918-1997) committed himself to help his racist state move toward integration and racial harmony. ...

Blues Mandolin Man

Yank Rachell and his mandolin playing style moved every musician lucky enough to hear him perform in the early sixties. When he died in April 1997, he left behind a stack of unanswered requests to tour ...

Bret Harte

A biography that charts the boom and bust of America's first celebrity author, once Mark Twain's chief rival in American literature

In this first scholarly biography of Bret Harte in nearly seventy years, ...

Adopting Alyosha

Although single women have long been permitted to adopt children, adoption by unmarried men remains an uncommon experience in Western culture. However, Robert Klose, who is single, wanted a son so badly ...

Unveiling Kate Chopin

This is the true, unvarnished life story of the girl who grew up to write The Awakening, a masterpiece published 100 years ago. With its portrayal of a woman whose sexual desires take her outside marriage, ...