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Pat Harrison

Byron Patton "Pat" Harrison was chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance during the New Deal, and under his tutelage the committee handled many of the major measures of the decade. Harrison brought ...

Iwao Takamoto

By Iwao Takamoto
With Michael Mallory
Foreword by Willie Ito
Categories: Comics Studies

Iwao Takamoto (1925-2007) spent a lifetime in the animation industry and was influential in the creation of some of the most beloved characters in the medium's history, including Scooby-Doo, Atom Ant, ...


By Jr. & Jose P. Ramirez
Foreword by James Carville
Categories: Louisiana

Lying in a hospital bed, José P. Ramirez, Jr. (b. 1948) almost lost everything because of a misunderstood disease. When the health department doctor gave him the Handbook for Persons with Leprosy, Ramirez ...

Accordion Dreams

By age thirty-nine, Blair Kilpatrick had settled into life as a practicing psychologist, wife, and mother. Then a chance encounter in New Orleans turned her world upside down. She returned home to Chicago ...

Reminiscences of an Active Life

Born into slavery on a Louisiana plantation, John Roy Lynch (1847–1939) came to adulthood during the Reconstruction Era and lived a public-spirited life for over three decades. His political career ...

American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast

By Patti Carr Black
Categories: Mississippi

The four artists featured in American Masters of the Mississippi Gulf Coast: George Ohr, Dusti Bongé, Walter Anderson, Richmond Barthé are linked as pioneers of modernism in the South. In this catalog ...

Garry Trudeau

Since 1968, Garry Trudeau (b. 1948) has brought his brand of political satire to bear on public figures, movie stars, heads of state, and even on himself. Trudeau has also advocated for artists' rights ...

Martha Skelton

By Mary Elizabeth Johnson Huff
Photographs by J. D. Schwalm
Foreword by Walt Grayson
Categories: Mississippi

Like all art forms, quilting has its “masters,” and Vicksburg, Mississippi's Martha Butcher Skelton is among them. Noted quilt scholar Mary Elizabeth Johnson chronicles Martha Skelton's life and her ...

Growing Up in Mississippi

Edited by Judy H. Tucker & Charline Mccord
Foreword by Richard Ford
Illustrated by Wyatt Waters
Categories: Mississippi

With contributions from Elizabeth Aydelott, Fred Banks, Jimmy Buffett, Edward Cohen, Maggie Wade Dixon, Ellen Douglas, W. Ralph Eubanks, Richard Ford, Gwendolyn Gong, Carolyn Haines, Lorian Hemingway, ...

Working with Walt

By Don Peri
Categories: Comics Studies

This book includes interviews with Ken Anderson, Les Clark, Larry Clemmons, Jack Cutting, Don Duckwall, Marcellite Garner, Harper Goff, Floyd Gottfredson, Dick Huemer, Wilfred Jackson, Eric Larson, Clarence ...