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Fall/Winter 2021–2022 Titles

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Friendship and Devotion, or Three Months in Louisiana

By Camille Lebrun
Translated with commentary by E. Joe Johnson & Robin Anita White
Categories: Literature
Series: Banner Books

Parisian Pauline Guyot (1805–1886), who wrote under the nom de plume Camille Lebrun, published many novels, translations, collections of tales, and articles in French magazines of her day. Yet she has ...

Instruments of Empire

At the turn of the twentieth century, the United States extended its empire into the Philippines while subjugating Black Americans in the Jim Crow South. And yet, one of the most popular musical acts ...

What the Children Said

Jeanne Pitre Soileau vividly presents children’s voices in What the Children Said: Child Lore of South Louisiana. Including over six hundred handclaps, chants, jokes, jump-rope rhymes, cheers, taunts, ...