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Expressions of Place

Expressions of Place embarks on a journey across the rural and urban landscapes of Louisiana via the talents of thirty-seven artists located all around the state. Many are acclaimed professionals whose ...

A Thousand Cuts

A Thousand Cuts is a candid exploration of one of America's strangest and most quickly vanishing subcultures. It is about the death of physical film in the digital era and about a paranoid, secretive, ...

The Land of Rowan Oak

By Ed Croom
Afterword by Donald M. Kartiganer
Categories: Photography

The plants and landscape at Rowan Oak are the “little postage stamp of soil” that William Faulkner owned, walked, and tended for over thirty years during the writing of many of his short stories and ...

The Geology of Mississippi

The Geology of Mississippi is an encyclopedic work by authors with extensive experience in Mississippi's surface geology mapping program. It brings together published work, unpublished work from agency ...

Confessions of an Undercover Agent

This true story of an ex-Marine who fought crime as an undercover cop, a narcotics agent, and finally a federal prosecutor spans a decade of crime fighting and narrow escapes. Charlie Spillers dealt with ...

Three Years in Wonderland

While the success of Disneyland is largely credited to Walt and Roy Disney, there was a third, mostly forgotten dynamo instrumental to the development of the park--fast-talking Texan C. V. Wood. Three ...

A Girl's Got To Breathe

The actress Teresa Wright (1918–2005) lived a rich, complex, magnificent life against the backdrop of Golden Age Hollywood, Broadway and television. There was no indication, from her astonishingly difficult—indeed, ...

In Defense of Freedom

By Wolfgang W. E. Samuel
Foreword by James F. Tent
Categories: History

The twenty-seven stories in this book serve as a graphic reminder of the selfless heroism of America's World War II Army Air Forces flyers and how necessary they were to achieve Allied victory. Wolfgang ...

New Orleans Sketches

By William Faulkner
Edited by Carvel Collins
Categories: Literature
Series: Banner Books

In 1925 William Faulkner began his professional writing career in earnest while living in the French Quarter of New Orleans. He had published a volume of poetry (The Marble Faun), had written a few book ...

Lost Plantations of the South

By Marc R. Matrana
Categories: History

The great majority of the South's plantation homes have been destroyed over time, and many have long been forgotten. In Lost Plantations of the South, Marc R. Matrana weaves together photographs, diaries ...