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The Horn Island Logs of Walter Inglis Anderson

The Horn Island Logs of Walter Inglis Anderson

Edited by Redding S. Sugg Jr.
Hardcover : 9781496832023, 240 pages, October 2020

Now back in print, a revelation of the art and mind of a unique artist alone in the world of nature


Walter Inglis Anderson will astonish you and give you a fresh view of the natural world. Heralded as a major American watercolorist, this reclusive Mississippi artist made periodic sojourns to an undisturbed barrier island in the Gulf of Mexico where he observed and experienced the mysteries of nature.

In this volume Anderson’s visionary drawings and watercolors of plants and wildlife enhance his narrative of his solitary time on Horn Island. From his reflections made over a period of twenty years, one discovers the secrets of a fragile and changing ecology and marvels at Anderson’s exotic vision.

Available again after great demand, The Horn Island Logs of Walter Inglis Anderson reveals the art and the mind of a unique artist alone and lost in the world of nature.


"The value of Walter Anderson’s story is seen in the fact that it parallels that of so many artists but surpasses most in its rare intensity. His double-leveled search, both geographical and internal, became, by dint of sheer exuberance, the stuff of myth. Horn Island became the locus of both strains of his search. "

- Dan Miller

"Like the early modern American painters, Anderson’s work bears a stamp of originality that acknowledges debts while at the same time transcends them to create a vital and new artistic life. "

- John Paul Driscoll