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Conversations with Henry Miller

Conversations with Henry Miller

Edited by Frank L. Kersnowski & Alice Hughes Kersnowski
Series: Literary Conversations Series
Paperback : 9780878055203, 258 pages, December 1994


Here is the inimitable Henry Miller (1891-1980) speaking candidly about himself and his robust fiction—Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, and The Air-Conditioned Nightmare. In this enticing collection, he argues convincingly for the things that have mattered in his full and exhilarating life. He and his interviewers cover the range of his engrossing works that stirred obscenity charges, as well as his life as an expatriate, his loves and conquests, his goals, his beliefs, and his probing insights into the culture that produced him and repulsed him.

These conversations serve as a retrospective visit with one of America's most distinctively opinionated, most singularly identifiable, and most invigorating authors.