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Archeology of Mississippi

Archeology of Mississippi

By Calvin S. Brown
Introduction by Janet Ford
Paperback : 9781604733877, 398 pages, August 2009

A classic study of the archeological sites and artifacts of the prehistoric Indians who inhabited the lands that are now the state of Mississippi


This reprinting makes available again the only book of its kind to be focused upon the prehistoric Indians of Mississippi. Although written expressly for the layreader, it has continued for more than eighty years to appeal to a wide audience that ranges from professional archeologists and scholars to weekend artifact collectors.

Published originally in 1926, Archeology of Mississippi details Brown's records collected during more than a decade of research. Anyone wishing to investigate archeology in Mississippi must start with this book. As early as 1912 Brown, a professor of romance languages at the University of Mississippi, began taking photographs of Mississippi Indian mounds. His are the only photographic records of certain cultural sites that have since then been drastically altered.