Filmmaker conversations

Abraham Polonsky: Interviews

Agnès Varda: Interviews

Albert and David Maysles: Interviews

Alexander Payne: Interviews

Alfred Hitchcock: Interviews

Andrei Tarkovsky: Interviews

Ang Lee : Interviews

Anthony Minghella: Interviews

Arthur Penn: Interviews

Atom Egoyan: Interviews

Barbara Kopple : Interviews

Baz Luhrmann: Interviews

Bernardo Bertolucci: Interviews

Bertrand Tavernier: Interviews

Billy Wilder: Interviews

Blake Edwards: Interviews

Brian De Palma: Interviews

Buster Keaton: Interviews

Carlos Saura: Interviews

Charles Burnett: Interviews

Charlie Chaplin: Interviews

Clint Eastwood: Interviews, Revised And Updated

The Coen Brothers: Interviews

D. A. Pennebaker: Interviews

D. W. Griffith: Interviews

Danny Boyle: Interviews

David Fincher: Interviews

David Lean: Interviews

David Lynch: Interviews

Dennis Hopper: Interviews

Elia Kazan: Interviews

Eric Rohmer: Interviews

Errol Morris: Interviews

Francis Ford Coppola: Interviews

François Truffaut: Interviews

Frank Capra: Interviews

Fred Schepisi: Interviews

Fred Zinnemann: Interviews

Fritz Lang: Interviews

George A. Romero: Interviews

George Cukor: Interviews

George Lucas: Interviews

George Stevens: Interviews

Guy Maddin: Interviews

Hal Ashby: Interviews

Harmony Korine: Interviews

Howard Hawks: Interviews

Ingmar Bergman: Interviews

James Cameron: Interviews

Jane Campion: Interviews

Jean-Luc Godard: Interviews

Jim Jarmusch: Interviews

John Cassavetes: Interviews

John Ford: Interviews

John Huston: Interviews

John Sayles: Interviews

John Singleton: Interviews

John Waters: Interviews

John Woo: Interviews

Jonathan Demme: Interviews

Joseph L. Mankiewicz: Interviews

Kathryn Bigelow: Interviews

Krzysztof Kiesślowski: Interviews

Lars von Trier: Interviews

Liv Ullmann: Interviews

Margarethe von Trotta: Interviews

Martin Ritt: Interviews

Martin Scorsese: Interviews

Martin Scorsese: Interviews, Revised and Updated

Merchant-Ivory: Interviews

Michael Powell: Interviews

Michael Winterbottom: Interviews

Mike Leigh: Interviews

Neil Jordan: Interviews

Oliver Stone: Interviews

Orson Welles: Interviews

Ousmane Sembène: Interviews

Paul Verhoeven: Interviews

Pedro Almodóvar: Interviews

Peter Bogdanovich: Interviews

Peter Greenaway: Interviews

Peter Weir: Interviews

Quentin Tarantino: Interviews

Quentin Tarantino: Interviews, Revised and Updated

Ridley Scott: Interviews

Robert Aldrich: Interviews

Robert Altman: Interviews

Robert Rodriguez: Interviews

Roger Corman: Interviews

Roman Polanski: Interviews

Sam Peckinpah: Interviews

Samuel Fuller: Interviews

Sidney Lumet: Interviews

Spike Lee: Interviews

Stan Brakhage: Interviews

Stanley Kubrick: Interviews

Steven Soderbergh : Interviews, Revised and Updated

Steven Soderbergh: Interviews

Steven Spielberg: Interviews

Terry Gilliam: Interviews

Theo Angelopolous: Interviews

Tim Burton: Interviews

Todd Haynes: Interviews

Werner Herzog: Interviews

William Wyler: Interviews

Wong Kar-wai: Interviews

Woody Allen: Interviews

Woody Allen: Interviews, Revised and Updated

Words into Images: Screenwriters on the Studio System

Working with Walt: Interviews with Disney Artists

Zhang Yimou: Interviews


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