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African Diaspora Material Culture
Launching in Spring 2012, this new series will document the tangible and intangible heritage of African Americans in the hemisphere in both traditional and nascent fields of study. Series editor: Jessica Harris, Associate Professor of English at Queens College, CUNY.

America's Third Coast
This series offers readers important insights into a timely discussion on restoring and rehabilitating the Louisiana Gulf Coast with the coastal population, for the first time, at the forefront of the nation's consciousness.

American Made Music Series
Explorations of music history, origins, development, and artists

Author and Artist
Exciting combinations from visual artists and writers

Banner Books
Reprints of classic works

Caribbean Studies Series
Examinations of the rich history, literature, politics, and culture of the islands and adjoining nations

Chancellor Porter L. Fortune Symposium in Southern History Series
Collections of essays from a singular scholarly event that annually treats a major theme in southern history

Children's Literature Association Series

Civil Rights in Mississippi Series
The Civil Rights in Mississippi Series features books written from the epicenter of the civil rights movement, documenting the struggles many African Americans and civil rights workers faced as they fought for an end to racial discrimination. The series focuses primarily on Mississippi during the 1960s, looking closely at the civil rights efforts of those years as well as important figures and events of the movement.

Conversations with Comic Artists Series
Collected interviews with groundbreaking comics and animation creators

Conversations with Filmmakers Series
Collected interviews with the world's most celebrated filmmakers

Conversations with Public Intellectuals
Collected interviews with key intellectuals of the 20th century

Critical Approaches to Comics Artists
Launching in 2015, this new series will feature edited volumes of original, multidisciplinary essays by established and emerging scholars on a major cartoonist or graphic novelist. First title: The Comics of Joe Sacco. Series editor: David M. Ball, Visiting Associate Professor of English, Princeton University.

Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Series
Collections in the series document the work presented at the annual Faulkner and Yoknapatawpha Conference at the University of Mississippi. The series editors are Jay Watson and James G. Thomas, Jr., both at the University of Mississippi

Folk Art and Artists Series
Explorations of the practice and meanings of visual folk expression

Folklife in the South
Explorations of the distinctive folklore and folkways of the South's geographic regions

Folklore Studies in a Multicultural World

Great Comics Artists Series
Critical assessments of the achievement and artistry of comics creators

Heritage of Mississippi Series
Histories of the state's diversity, artistry, and its struggles, and milestones

Hollywood Legends Series
Biographies of classic stars from the silver screen

Literary Conversations Series
Collected interviews with the world's most notable writers.

Margaret Walker Alexander Series in African American Studies
New perspectives on African American history, literature, art, and politics

Race, Rhetoric, and Media
Monographs and essay anthologies that explore the intersections among race, rhetoric, and media in cultural, political, and social discourse within the United States and its territories

Reading Faulkner Series
For teachers, students, and readers, supplements that explicate Faulkner's context, lore, and intentions in his major works

Southern Icons Series
New editions of classic biographies and autobiographies by and about famous Southerners

Studies in Popular Culture Series
Perspectives on the influences and import of all aspects of popular culture

Television Conversations
Launching in Spring 2011, this new series will collect interviews with producers, writers, and showrunners to extend and deepen the dialogue about a vital medium that is shaping visual and popular culture. First title: Conversations with Joss Whedon. Series editor: David Lavery, professor of English at Middle Tennessee State University.

The James Madison Carpenter Collection
Launching in Spring 2018, this multi-volume series will organize, present, and interpret the original materials from one of the most significant collections of ballads, songs, and folk drama (mummers' plays) made in Britain, and songs and tales from the US. The collection was created in the late 1920s to the early 1940s by James Madison Carpenter, a Mississippi native who earned his doctorate under George Lyman Kittredge at Harvard.

Understanding Health and Sickness Series
For those afflicted and for caretakers, guides to comprehension and treatment. This series is no longer actively acquired. No new titles will be added.

Willie Morris Books in Memoir and Biography
Biographies and autobiographies that explore all aspects of contemporary American life


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Mark Saunders would remind us: It’s all about the authors

By Steve Yates The recent death of friend, colleague, and fellow novelist Mark Saunders has knocked me flat. We are about the same age—I will turn 51 next week; Mark was 52 when he died suddenly at home. We were both sales managers, marketing directors, and then assistant directors, and we struggled with those demands at about the same time. In addition to all that, we were both MFA

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