Roger Sabin

Jason Sacks

James Sallis

Sid Salter

Kate Sampsell-Willmann

Gary Samson

Wolfgang W. E. Samuel

Colonel Wolfgang W. E. Samuel

Colonel Wolfgang W. E. Samuel

Patrick H. Samway, S. J.

Joe Sutliff Sanders

Todd Sanders

Ben Sandmel

David G. Sansing

Elizabeth Sarcone

Lee Sartain

Michael Sartisky

Michael Sartisky, PhD

Martha Dunagin Saunders

Maggie Lee Sayre

Marjan van Schaik

Renée T. Schatteman

Lawrence Schenbeck

Timothy E. Scheurer

Jessica H. Schexnayder

Henri Schindler

Jon A. Schlenker

George Schmidt

Peter Schmidt

Tyler T. Schmidt

Matthias Schubnell

Donald G. Schueler

Charles M. Schulz

Michael L. Schummer

Kristin Schwain

Michael Schwalbe

J. D. Schwalm

Kenneth Schweitzer

Joseph Sciorra

Jennifer Scott

Dorothy Scura

William Seale

George J. Searles

Edward H. Sebesta

Amy E. Seham

Charlotte Seidenberg

Jean Seidenberg

Cleveland Sellers

Carl A. Sergio

Francis G. Serio, D.M.D., M.S.

Doug Seroff

Anna Servaes

the Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service

Neila C. Seshachari

Adrienne Lanier Seward

George Alexander Sewell

Richard Sexton

Richard Sexton

Marilyn Dallman Seymour

Brian W. Shaffer

Donald M. Shaffer

Jordana Y. Shakoor

Michael E. Shapiro

Raphael Shargel

Dorothy Shawhan

Dorothy Sample Shawhan

Samantha N. Sheppard

Janann Sherman

Janann Sherman

Kathleen Sherman-Morris

Tanya L. Shields

Miriam Jones Shillingsburg

Murray Shoolbraid

Kenneth L. Shropshire

Jack Shuler

Ben Siegel

Martha Sigall

Ed Sikov

Charles L. P. Silet

James W. Silver

Carol Ruth Silver

Thomas E. Simmons

Andrea Simon

Kevin Simonson

Jacqueline Simpson

Mary Craig Sinclair

Marc Singer

Amritjit Singh

Silvio Sirias

Sheila L. Skemp

Paul Skenazy

Robert Skinner

Robert Sklar

Bruce Sklarew

Theda Skocpol

Martin Skoro

Peter Slade

Anthony Slide

William Jay Smith

David C. Smith

Lillian Smith

Timothy B. Smith

James Patterson Smith

Damon Smith

Virginia Whatley Smith

Fred C. Smith

Maureen M. Smith

Patrick A. Smith

Earl Smith

Frank E. Smith

Victoria Ford Smith

David L. Smith

Howard Philips Smith

R. Drew Smith

J. Clinton Smith, M.D.

Gregory D. Smithers

Raymond Smock

Thierry Smolderen

J. E. Smyth

Herb Snitzer

Stephen Eddy Snow

André Soares

Jeanne Pitre Soileau

Jeanne Pitre Soileau

Thomas Sokolowski

Magdalena Solé

Mark Solomon

Mrs. Keith Frazier Somerville

Kerry D. Soper

Adam J. Sorkin

Southern Women's Institute, Mississippi University for Women

Leslie H. Southwick

Randy J. Sparks

V. C. Speek

Elizabeth Spencer

Frederick J. Spencer, M.D.

Paul Spickard

Charlie Spillers

Nick Spitzer

Donald Spoto

Dick Spottswood

Robert Springer

Kimberly Springer

Alan L. Spurgeon

Scott Squire

John J. Sramek, Pharm.D.

Trudy Wilner Stack

Lawrence R. Stanberry, M.D., Ph.D.

Fred R. Standley

James Ronald Stanfield

Jacqueline Bloom Stanfield

Cathie Stanga

Mary Stanton

Kathy Starr

S. Frederick Starr

S. Frederick Starr

Melissa Stauffer

C. Ralph Stephens

Charles C. Stephenson, Jr.

David Sterritt

Mark Stevens

Rose Budd Stevens

George Stevens Jr.

Jeffrey C. Stewart

Elizabeth Stewart

Grif Stockley

Ashli Quesinberry Stokes

Gene Stowe

Sue Strachan

Jerry E. Strahan

Bill Streever

Susan Strehle

Michael Streissguth

Sharon Hartman Strom

Donley T. Studlar

William L. Stull

William Sturkey

Ernest Suarez

Katsuhiko Suganuma

Katsuhiko Suganuma

Redding S. Sugg, Jr.

Clayton Sullivan

Nancy Sullivan

Chester Sullivan

Jack Sullivan

Douglass Sullivan-González

Eric J. Sundquist

Timothy S. Susanin

Scott Hamilton Suter

Brian Sutton-Smith

Victor Svorinich

Martha H. Swain

Annlyn Swan

Daniel C. Swan

Kevin W. Sweeney

Lindsey R. Swindall

Peter Szok


Mississippi’s Literary and Cultural Legacy: Part 2

In preparation for the 2017 Mississippi Book Festival, we asked our authors to answer a few questions about our state’s literary and cultural legacy. This is the second of three blogs posts in which we share their responses. Click here to read Part 1. Below, you’ll find our authors guide to the Festival, including which events they are most excited about, who they would cast in their dream

(read more...)