R. Crumb: Conversations

Race and Family in the Colonial South

Race and Radio: Pioneering Black Broadcasters in New Orleans

Race and Sport: The Struggle for Equality on and off the Field

Race and the Obama Phenomenon: The Vision of a More Perfect Multiracial Union

Race, Reform, and Rebellion: The Second Reconstruction and Beyond in Black America, 1945-2006 Third Edition

The Racial Divide in American Medicine: Black Physicians and the Struggle for Justice in Health Care

Racial Uplift and American Music, 1878-1943

Ragged but Right: Black Traveling Shows, "Coon Songs," and the Dark Pathway to Blues and Jazz

Raised Up Down Yonder: Growing Up Black in Rural Alabama

Rare Birds: Conversations with Legends of Jazz and Classical Music

Ravished Armenia and the Story of Aurora Mardiganian

Raymond Pace Alexander: A New Negro Lawyer Fights for Civil Rights in Philadelphia

Reading Faulkner: Absalom, Absalom!

Reading Faulkner: Collected Stories

Reading Faulkner: Light in August

Reading Faulkner: Sanctuary

Reading Faulkner: The Sound and the Fury

Reading Faulkner: The Unvanquished

Reading in the Dark: Horror in Children's Literature and Culture

Reading Lessons in Seeing: Mirrors, Masks, and Mazes in the Autobiographical Graphic Novel

Reading Like a Girl: Narrative Intimacy in Contemporary American Young Adult Literature

A Real American Character: The Life of Walter Brennan

Real Football: Conversations on America's Game

Realism for the Masses: Aesthetics, Popular Front Pluralism, and U.S. Culture, 1935-1947

Realizing Our Place: Real Southern Women in a Mythologized Land

Recentering Anglo/American Folksong: Sea Crabs and Wicked Youths

Recess Battles: Playing, Fighting, and Storytelling

Reclaiming Community in Contemporary African American Fiction

Reconsidering Laura Ingalls Wilder: Little House and Beyond

Reconstructing Fame: Sport, Race, and Evolving Reputations

Red Scare Racism and Cold War Black Radicalism

Red Stick Men: Stories

Rednecks, Redeemers, and Race: Mississippi after Reconstruction, 1877-1917

Redressing the Balance: American Women's Literary Humor from Colonial Times to the 1980s

Reflections of Elegance: Cartier Jewels from the Lindemann Collection

Reggae Wisdom: Proverbs in Jamaican Music

Reggae, Rastafari, and the Rhetoric of Social Control

Religion in Mississippi

Religion in the South

Remaking Dixie: The Impact of World War II on the American South

Remembering Reet and Shine: Two Black Men, One Struggle

Reminiscences of an Active Life: The Autobiography of John Roy Lynch

Rencontres sur le Mississipi, 1682-1763

Resistance and Reformation in Nineteenth-Century African-American Literature: Brown, Wilson, Jacobs, Delany, Douglass, and Harper

Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture

Resorting to Casinos: The Mississippi Gambling Industry

Retcon Game: Retroactive Continuity and the Hyperlinking of America

Rethinking the Irish in the American South: Beyond Rounders and Reelers

Return to Glory: Inside Tyrone Willingham's Amazing First Season at Notre Dame

Return to Guntown: Classic Trials of the Outlaws and Rogues of Faulkner Country

The Reverend

Revising the Blueprint: Ann Petry and the Literary Left

Revolt of the Tar Heels: The North Carolina Populist Movement, 1890-1901

Rich Harvest: A History of the Grange, 1867-1900

Richard Dyer-Bennet: The Last Minstrel

Richard Wright Writing America at Home and from Abroad

Richard Wright: Books and Writers

Richard Wright's Travel Writings: New Reflections

Riding with Death: Vodou Art and Urban Ecology in the Streets of Port-au-Prince

Ridley Scott: Interviews

Right to Revolt: The Crusade for Racial Justice in Mississippi's Central Piney Woods

The Rise of the American Comics Artist: Creators and Contexts

The Road to West 43rd Street

Robbing the Mother: Women in Faulkner

Robert Aldrich: Interviews

Robert Altman: Interviews

Robert G. Clark's Journey to the House: A Black Politician's Story

Robert Rodriguez: Interviews

Robert Taylor: Male Beauty, Masculinity, and Stardom in Hollywood

Robinson: The Pleasant History of an Unusual Cat

The Rock Cried Out

Rock Solid: Southern Miss Football

Rod Serling: His Life, Work, and Imagination

Rodolphe Töpffer: The Complete Comic Strips

Roger Corman: Interviews

The Role of Ideas in the Civil Rights South

Rolland Golden: Life, Love, and Art in the French Quarter

Roman Polanski: Interviews

Romance and Rights: The Politics of Interracial Intimacy, 1945-1954

Roosevelt's Blues: African-American Blues and Gospel Songs on FDR

Roots of a Region: Southern Folk Culture

Rough South, Rural South: Region and Class in Recent Southern Literature

Running Scared: Silver in Mississippi

Russell Long: A Life in Politics


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Record-Setting High Water on the Mississippi | James F. Barnett Jr. Reflects on Current Flooding in the US

In light of the current floods submerging the Midwest and along the Mississippi River and scientists’ predictions that this is just the beginning, James F. Barnett Jr., author of Beyond Control: The Mississippi River’s New Channel to the Gulf of Mexico, a detailed chronicle of how the wild Mississippi will eventually deliver a cataclysm, shares his thoughts below. Viewed from the Natchez

(read more...)