Pacific Skies: American Flyers in World War II

Paddling the Pascagoula

The Painted Screens of Baltimore: An Urban Folk Art Revealed

The Paintings and Drawings of Clarence Major

Panel to the Screen: Style, American Film, and Comic Books during the Blockbuster Era

Panther Tract: Wild Boar Hunting in the Mississippi Delta


Passage on the Underground Railroad

Passing in the Works of Charles W. Chesnutt

Passionate Observer: Eudora Welty among Artists of the Thirties

The Past Is Not Dead: Essays from the Southern Quarterly

A Past That Won't Rest: Images of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi

Pat Harrison: The New Deal Years

Patrick Chamoiseau: A Critical Introduction

Paul Marchand, F. M. C.

Paul Verhoeven: Interviews

Pearl Harbor Jazz: Change in Popular Music in the Early 1940s

Peculiar Rhetoric: Slavery, Freedom, and the African Colonization Movement

Pedro Almodóvar: Interviews

Pelican Road

Pemberton: The General Who Lost Vicksburg

The Peninsula Campaign of 1862: A Military Analysis

People Get Ready: African American and Caribbean Cultural Exchange

Performing the Pilgrims: A Study of Ethnohistorical Role Playing at Plimoth Plantation

Perilous Place, Powerful Storms: Hurricane Protection in Coastal Louisiana

Perils of Protection: Shipwrecks, Orphans, and Children's Rights

Personal Souths Interviews from the Southern Quarterly

Perspectives on Barry Hannah

Perspectives on Cormac McCarthy

Perspectives on Harry Crews

Perspectives on Percival Everett

Perspectives on Richard Ford

Perspectives on Wole Soyinka: Freedom and Complexity

Peter Bagge: Conversations

Peter Bogdanovich: Interviews

Peter Greenaway: Interviews

Peter Kuper: Conversations

Peter Weir: Interviews


Photographs from the Memphis World, 1949-1964

Pictured in My Mind: Contemporary American Self-Taught Art from the Collection of Dr. Kurt Gitter and Alice Rae Yelen

Picturing Mississippi, 1817-2017: Land of Plenty, Pain, and Promise

The Pilgrim Jubilees

Pilgrimage from Darkness: Nuremberg to Jerusalem

Piney Woods School: An Oral History

The Pinkster King and the King of Kongo: The Forgotten History of America's Dutch-Owned Slaves

Pioneering Cartoonists of Color

A Place Called Mississippi: Collected Narratives

Placing the South

Pleasant Journeys and Good Eats along the Way: The Paintings of John Baeder

Plotting Apocalypse: Reading, Agency, and Identity in the Left Behind Series

Plunging into Haiti: Clinton, Aristide, and the Defeat of Diplomacy


The Poetics of American Song Lyrics

The Politics of Paul Robeson's Othello

Populism in the South Revisited: New Interpretations and New Departures


The Port Royal Experiment: A Case Study in Development

The Possible South: Documentary Film and the Limitations of Biraciality

Post-Soul Satire: Black Identity after Civil Rights

Postcolonial Cultures

Postcolonial Literature and the Biblical Call for Justice

Postcolonial Theory and the United States: Race, Ethnicity, and Literature

Posthumanism in Young Adult Fiction: Finding Humanity in a Posthuman World

The Postwar African American Novel: Protest and Discontent, 1945-1950

Power Plays: Politics, Football, and Other Blood Sports

Power, Greed, and Hubris: Judicial Bribery in Mississippi

The Practice of Folklore: Essays toward a Theory of Tradition

Prefiguring Postblackness: Cultural Memory, Drama, and the African American Freedom Struggle of the 1960s

Prejudice Across America

Presbyterian Missionary Attitudes toward American Indians, 1837-1893

Preserving the Pascagoula

The President's Ladies: Jane Wyman and Nancy Davis

The Press and Race: Mississippi Journalists Confront the Movement

Prison Power: How Prison Influenced the Movement for Black Liberation

Professional Wrestling: Sport and Spectacle

Projections of Passing: Postwar Anxieties and Hollywood Films, 1947-1960

Promises Kept: The University of Mississippi Medical Center

Promises of Citizenship: Film Recruitment of African Americans in World War II

The Properties of Violence: Claims to Ownership in Representations of Lynching

Prophet Singer
The Voice and Vision of Woody Guthrie

Public Folklore

Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat: The Making of Roger Rabbit

Punk and Neo-Tribal Body Art

The Pursuit of a Dream


Levels of Membership


Record-Setting High Water on the Mississippi | James F. Barnett Jr. Reflects on Current Flooding in the US

In light of the current floods submerging the Midwest and along the Mississippi River and scientists’ predictions that this is just the beginning, James F. Barnett Jr., author of Beyond Control: The Mississippi River’s New Channel to the Gulf of Mexico, a detailed chronicle of how the wild Mississippi will eventually deliver a cataclysm, shares his thoughts below. Viewed from the Natchez

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