The Artist's Sketch: A Biography of Painter Kate Freeman Clark

Asian Comics

Baz Luhrmann: Interviews

Bending Steel: Modernity and the American Superhero

Beyond Control: The Mississippi River's New Channel to the Gulf of Mexico

Beyond Windrush: Rethinking Postwar Anglophone Caribbean Literature

Black Folklore and the Politics of Racial Representation

Boom's Blues: Music, Journalism, and Friendship in Wartime

China in the Mix: Cinema, Sound, and Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization

City of Islands: Caribbean Intellectuals in New York

Comfort Food: Meanings and Memories

Comics Art in China

The Comics of Charles Schulz: The Good Grief of Modern Life

Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War

Connecting Histories: Francophone Caribbean Writers Interrogating Their Past

Conversations with Colum McCann

Conversations with Edwidge Danticat

Conversations with Toni Cade Bambara

Conversations with Vladimir Nabokov

Dancing with My Father

Direct Democracy: Collective Power, the Swarm, and the Literatures of the Americas

Dis-Orienting Planets: Racial Representations of Asia in Science Fiction

Dream and Legacy: Dr. Martin Luther King in the Post-Civil Rights Era

DuBose Heyward: A Charleston Gentleman and the World of Porgy and Bess

East Meets Black: Asian and Black Masculinities in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyanna: A Children's Classic at 100

Faulkner and Print Culture

Faulkner's Geographies

Faulkner's Inheritance

Flight Risk: Memoirs of a New Orleans Bad Boy

Fred Schepisi: Interviews

Freedom Rider Diary: Smuggled Notes from Parchman Prison

The Gaithers and Southern Gospel: Homecoming in the Twenty-First Century

Geographies of Cubanidad: Place, Race, and Musical Performance in Contemporary Cuba

Graphic Novels for Children and Young Adults: A Collection of Critical Essays

Hazel Brannon Smith: The Female Crusading Scalawag

I'm Just Dead, I'm Not Gone

Jim Shooter: Conversations

Lalo Alcaraz: Political Cartooning in the Latino Community

Last Man Standing: Mort Sahl and the Birth of Modern Comedy

A Literary History of Mississippi

Living in Mississippi: The Life and Times of Evans Harrington

The Mississippi Encyclopedia

Mississippians in the Great War: Selected Letters

Music in Disney's Animated Features: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to The Jungle Book

Negotiating Difference in French Louisiana Music: Categories, Stereotypes, and Identifications

On Sunset Boulevard: The Life and Times of Billy Wilder

On the Graphic Novel

Promises of Citizenship: Film Recruitment of African Americans in World War II

Resisting Paradise: Tourism, Diaspora, and Sexuality in Caribbean Culture

Retcon Game: Retroactive Continuity and the Hyperlinking of America

Riding with Death: Vodou Art and Urban Ecology in the Streets of Port-au-Prince

Right to Revolt: The Crusade for Racial Justice in Mississippi's Central Piney Woods

Sanctuaries of Segregation: The Story of the Jackson Church Visit Campaign

Seminole Burning: A Story of Racial Vengeance

Shifting Interludes: Selected Essays

Sombreros and Motorcycles in a Newer South: The Politics of Aesthetics in South Carolina's Tourism Industry

Stan Brakhage: Interviews

Steelpan Ambassadors: The US Navy Steel Band, 1957-1999

Succeeding against Great Odds: Alcorn State University in Its Second Century

Swamp Rat: The Story of Dixie's Nutria Invasion

Three Lives for Mississippi

Vampires and Zombies: Transcultural Migrations and Transnational Interpretations

Wong Kar-wai: Interviews

The Writing Dead: Talking Terror with TV's Top Horror Writers

A Year in Mississippi

Your Heritage Will Still Remain: Racial Identity and Mississippi's Lost Cause


Cover Story: Riding with Death

Jana Braziel, author of Riding with Death: Vodou Art and Urban Ecology in the Streets of Port-au-Prince, explains the cover of her study of urban art in Haiti--why she chose a vivid photograph by John Cussans.  When I first saw the digital image of John Cussans' spectacular photograph of the Grand Rue alit at night and alive with creative, artistic energy, I knew that it was

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