Birds of Mississippi

By William H. Turcotte

By David L. Watts

472 pp., 394 range maps, 99 b&w photographs, 24 color photographs

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Cloth, $50.00

The first book on the diversity, distribution, conservation, and history of birds in the Magnolia State

Describing 395 species and including illustrations, maps, and charts, Birds of Mississippi will delight the avid birder and deeply inform the casual bird watcher. Compiled by two long-time employees of the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks, the book outlines the history of the state's ornithology, explains where to find birds and how to identify them, and details their distribution and diversity.

At a time when many species are declining or are threatened by loss of habitat, Birds of Mississippi takes special care to provide ample descriptions of endangered birds. Migratory land and shore birds, upland game birds, waterfowl, and several predatory birds merit special attention here in order to educate hunters, fishermen, and the general public about the grave consequences of delaying conservation.

Experienced birders in the South may well be familiar with some of the methods for recording sightings. Both for the novice spotting a purple finch for the first time and for the accomplished birder making an initial sighting of a Mississippi kite, Birds of Mississippi includes standardized materials for professional, accurate, and easy record keeping. This book will serve as a constant reference and guide.

William H. Turcotte was a field biologist and administrator at the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks for forty years. He is retired and lives in Richland, Mississippi.

David L. Watts has worked as a journalist and photographer for many outdoor magazines. During his twenty-five years with the MDWFP, he has served as editor of the award-winning magazine, Mississippi Outdoors.

472 pp., 394 range maps, 99 b&w photographs, 24 color photographs