Rencontres sur le Mississipi, 1682-1763

By Gail Alexander Buzhardt

By Margaret Hawthorne

262 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 200 line illustrations, comprehensive vocabulary

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Cloth, $35.00

Paper, $30.00

For French-language students, a reader of authentic texts from the period of French influence in the lower Mississippi Valley

This supplementary French-language reader provides teachers and students with authentic historical documents describing the French exploration and settlement of the lower Mississippi Valley in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. More than a hundred selections of varying lengths and in a range of difficulty from intermediate to advanced provide lively subject matter, including French and Indian diplomacy and wars, the earliest appearance of Africans in the Mississippi Valley, and some of the first European observations of the natural history of the region. Each selection includes an English introduction, marginal vocabulary, and French study questions. The book is generously illustrated with contemporary engravings and woodcuts.

Developed with the advice of classroom teachers from secondary schools and colleges, Rencontres sur le Mississipi, 1682-1763 offers the creative teacher an opportunity to anchor the language-learning experience in historical texts to the natural environment and geography already familiar to students.

Gail Alexander Buzhardt, a master teacher of French, is an instructor at Millsaps College. Formerly she was director of the foreign language program at St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Jackson, Mississippi. Margaret Hawthorne holds an MA in French from the University of Mississippi.

Published for the Mississippi Department of Archives and History with the assistance of the Phil Hardin Foundation and the Mississippi Humanities Council

262 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 200 line illustrations, comprehensive vocabulary