Forty Acres and a Goat

By Will D. Campbell

288 pages (approx.), 6 x 9 inches

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A call with no steeple from the preacher with no pulpit

"A personality that manages to be reverent and revolutionary all at once."
"It's people like Will Campbell and Andy Young, Charles Morgan and John Lewis who have brought the South as far as it's come in the past quarter-century.... They have been 'inside agitators' of the best sort, and they have agitated their fellow Southerners into realizing much of what is good and noble in them."
--Jonathan Yardley, New York Times

In Forty Acres and a Goat, Will D. Campbell picks up where the award-winning Brother to a Drag- onfly leaves off, accounting his adventures during the tumultuous civil rights era. As he navigates through the explosive 1960s, including pivotal moments like the integra- tion of Little Rock High School and the assas- sination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Brother Will finds his faith challenged. To further com- plicate matters, a series of jobs did not pan out as expected--pastorate in Louisiana, director of religious life at the University of Mississippi, and with the National Council of Churches--leaving Brother Will "with a call but no steeple." In an effort to find his place as a preacher, he moves his family to a farm in rural Tennessee and fashions his own unique style of ministry and a maverick relationship with God, land, and all his fellow pilgrims.

Will D. Campbell (1924-2013) was a Mississippi-born, Tennessee-based Baptist preacher, activist, author, lecturer, and farmer. Author of over fif- teen books, he won the Lillian Smith Prize, Lyndhurst Prize, and an Alex Haley Award; was a finalist for the National Book Award; and received the National Endowment for the Humanities medal from President Bill Clinton.

288 pages (approx.), 6 x 9 inches