Saved by Song
A History of Gospel and Christian Music

By Don Cusic

512 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 24 b&w photographs, appendices, bibliography, index

978-1-61703-641-5 Paper $35.00S

978-1-61703-642-2 Ebook $35.00

A comprehensive resource on a foundational American musical form

Saved by Song returns to print with its sweeping overview of the history of gospel music. Powerful and incisive, the book traces contemporary Christianity and Christian music to its roots in the sixteenth century and the Protestant Reformation after examining music in the Bible and early church.

In America, gospel music has been divided between white and black gospel. Within these divisions are further divisions: southern gospel, contemporary Christian music, spirituals, and hymns. Don Cusic has provided background and insight into the developments of all these rich facets of gospel music. From the psalms of the early Puritans through the hymns of Isaac Watts and the social activism of the Wesleys, to the camp meeting songs of the Kentucky Revival, the spirituals that came from slave culture, and the hymns from the great revival after the Civil War, gospel music advanced through the nineteenth century. The twentieth century brought the technologies of recordings and the electronic media to gospel music.

Saved by Song is ultimately the definitive and complete history of a uniquely American art form. It is a must for anyone interested in the musical and spiritual life of a nation.

Don Cusic, Brentwood, Tennessee, is professor of music business and the Music City Professor of Music Industry History at Belmont University in Nashville. He is the author of seventeen books on gospel and country music.

512 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 24 b&w photographs, appendices, bibliography, index