The Hodges Family Collection

By John Webster Keefe
Edited by Wanda O'Shello

310 pages (approx.), 9 x 12 inches, 143 color illustrations, bibliography, chronology, index

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The record of an extensive collection including pieces from all the firm's workmasters and outside suppliers

With contributions by Géza von Habsburg, Daniel L. Hodges, Christel L. McCanless, and Kieran McCarthy

This full-color catalog covers the extraordinary range of objects produced by the great Russian self-described "artist-jeweler" Peter Carl Fabergé (1846-1920). Smoker's accessories, photograph frames, clocks, desk pieces, boxes, cases, cabinet objects, jewels and costume accessories, table silver, hardstone animals, flowers, and Easter eggs appear in lustrous full-color photographs. All of these pictured are part of the Hodges Family Collection of masterworks by Fabergé, which is the first significant American group of Fabergé works assembled in decades. The Hodges Collection's inclusion of work by all of the workmasters and outside suppliers of the Fabergé firm further raises its significance. The collection is on extended loan to the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Written by the museum's curator of decorative arts and recognized Fabergé authority, John Webster Keefe, the book includes valuable essays by collector Daniel L. Hodges; by preeminent Fabergé scholar Dr. Géza von Habsburg discussing the astonishing rise of the Fabergé market; by Kieran McCarthy, specialist in Fabergé's work in wood; and by prominent Fabergé bibliographer Christel L. McCanless. A chronology for the House of Fabergé from 1814 to 2007 is also included. Each piece in the Hodges Family Collection is illustrated in color and accompanied by a full description, an essay on its place in the Fabergé oeuvre, its relevant history, its provenance, and its specific bibliography.

John Webster Keefe, New Orleans, Louisiana, is a well-known author in the art history field, particularly on the work of Fabergé. He has published papers in Arts Quarterly and has worked with the New Orleans Museum of Art on art from many other jewelers as well.

Distributed for the New Orleans Museum of Art

310 pages (approx.), 9 x 12 inches, 143 color illustrations, bibliography, chronology, index