Treasured Past, Golden Future
The Centennial History of The University of Southern Mississippi

By Chester M. Morgan
Foreword by Martha Dunagin Saunders

288 pages (approx.), 12 x 9 inches, 200 color and b&w illustrations (approx.), foreword, index

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Cloth, $50.00

Ebook 978-1-60473-464-5, $50.00

A celebration of a Deep South institution that has prospered and grown

Originally established March 30, 1910, as Mississippi Normal College, The University of Southern Mississippi was built on 120 acres of cutover timber land and created to provide training for public school teachers. Chester M. Morgan outlines the evolution of the institution and tells the story of a gracious heritage born of adversity and nurtured by a century of perseverance and determination. From the success of its graduates and the passion of its faculty to its ability to meet and conquer challenges brought by scarce state funding, world wars, social movements, and natural disasters, the author captures the persistent spirit and strength that is the unchanging force behind the university's success.

Following the institution's transition from Mississippi Normal College (1912-1924), to State Teachers College (1924-1940), to Mississippi Southern College (1940-1962), to its current designation as The University of Southern Mississippi (1962-present), the story captures every element and facet of campus life. From academics and arts to athletics and administration, the author presents a rich and varied look at how Southern Miss became the modern comprehensive university it is today.

Chester M. Morgan, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is University Professor at The University of Southern Mississippi. He is the author of Redneck Liberal: Theodore G. Bilbo and the New Deal; Dearly Bought, Deeply Treasured: The University of Southern Mississippi, 1912-1987 (University Press of Mississippi); and A Priceless Heritage: A History of the Mississippi Power Company (with Donald Dana).

Copublished with The University of Southern Mississippi

288 pages (approx.), 12 x 9 inches, 200 color and b&w illustrations (approx.), foreword, index