Mississippi Black History Makers
Revised and Enlarged Edition

By George Alexander Sewell
and Margaret L. Dwight

506 pages, 6 x 9 inches

Paper $25.00D

Paper, $25.00

Biographical sketches of notable Mississippians

A total of 166 figures are profiled in Mississippi Black History Makers, all of them persons who have in the authors' estimations, "made significant contributions in bringing about the uplift of the black race."

Black history makers are defined herein as those who have achieved national prominence in their fields, have broken new ground as pioneers in fields where blacks were not previously allowed opportunity, or have contributed to their professions in such a way as to serve as role models. Each individual included in the book either was born in Mississippi, spent a significant portion of childhood there, or migrated to Mississippi and remained.

Prominent African Americans include Hiram K. Revels, the first black United States Senator to serve a six-year term; such political and civil rights leaders as Aaron Henry, Medgar Evers and Fannie Lou Hamer; and such standouts within arts and letters as Leontyne Price, William Grant Still, Margaret Walker Alexander, and James Earl Jones, among others.

George A. Sewell and Margaret L. Dwight taught in the history department at Alcorn State University.

506 pages, 6 x 9 inches