Eudora Welty: Thirteen Essays

Edited by Peggy Whitman Prenshaw

262 pages, 8½ x 5½ inches, index

978-1-60473-396-9 Paper $25.00D

Paper, $25.00


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A collection of thirteen of the best essays drawn from early Welty criticism

This collection of essays about the writings of Eudora Welty reflects a range of Welty criticism. Themes, forms, and stylistic features in her work are given careful consideration by some of the most notable scholars on her work: John Alexander Allen, J.A. Bryant, Jr., Daniel Curley, Julia L. Demmin, Albert J. Devlin, Chester E. Eisinger, Warren French, Seymour Gross, John Edward Hardy, Robert B. Heilman, Michael Kreyling, Barbara McKenzie, Daniele Pitavy-Souques, and Ruth M. Vande Kieft.

This edition, selected from the twenty-seven essays published in 1979 as Eudora Welty: Critical Essays, retains the breadth of subject and approach that marked the earlier volume.

262 pages, 8½ x 5½ inches, index