Blues Traveling
The Holy Sites of Delta Blues, Third Edition

By Steve Cheseborough

Paper $22.00T, 978-1-60473-124-8

9781604731248 Paper $22.00T

Paper, $22.00


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Expanded and updated, a new edition of the indispensable guidebook to the cradle of the blues

"This localized, detailed and lively guidebook to blues music in Mississippi recommends following by car 'a rough circle beginning and ending in Memphis' for a comprehensive tour. With maps, specific directions and succinct historical tidbits, Cheseborough describes blues venues as well as points of special interest. A recommended listening section completes the picture." --Publishers Weekly

"Providing excellent maps and driving instructions. . . . Along the way Cheseborough provides details on the towns, homes, and gravesites of famous blues musicians, buildings where they played, radio stations, sites of music festivals, and current clubs and restaurants that feature the music. Essential." --Library Journal

This acclaimed travel guide, hailed as the Bible of blues travelers throughout the world, will shepherd the faithful to such shrines as the intersection where Robert Johnson might have made his deal with the devil and the railroad tracks that inspired Howlin' Wolf to moan "Smokestack Lightnin'. " Blues Traveling was the first and is the indisputably essential guidebook to Mississippi's musical places and its blues history. For this new edition Steve Cheseborough returned to the Delta, revisited all of the locales featured in previous editions of the book, and uncovered fresh destinations. He includes updated material on new festivals, state blues markers, club openings and closings, and many other transformations in the Delta's ever-lively blues scene.

With photographs, maps, easy-to-follow directions, and an informative, entertaining text, this book will lead the reader in and out of Clarksdale, Greenwood, Helena (Arkansas), Rolling Fork, Jackson, Memphis, Natchez, Bentonia, Rosedale, Itta Bena, and dozens of other locales where generations of blues musicians have lived, traveled, and performed. A previous edition was so effective and informative that Real Blues told its readers, "This is THE guide to the Delta; short of living there, it is the best."

Steve Cheseborough is a blues performer, lecturer, tour guide, and writer. His articles have appeared in Acoustic Guitar, Living Blues, Delta Magazine, and Mississippi. His website is

Paper $22.00T, 978-1-60473-124-8